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What’s In Metaverse for Digital Marketing and Brands?

Metaverse marketing allows brands to maximise their creativity and reach their target audience most attractively. That’s why brands are turning their faces to the metaverse for digital marketing one by one.

Even though it seems to be a sudden hot topic, the concept has been around for a long time. Years ago, when my friend told me about Second Life, I didn’t take it much seriously. However, he was fascinated by how real it felt to socialise with other users in a virtual realm.

Well, now, it’s getting serious. So naturally, brands have solid reasons to participate in this revolutionary act.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is not a technology but a concept existing through various technologies. Any virtual space can be metaversal. We need to keep this in mind to understand metaverse.

We can simply describe the metaverse as a virtual world parallel to the physical world. No need to make it complicated. You can create a virtual character and give it a life in this world. Moreover, you can travel between spaces. Like visiting websites on the internet, you can visit platforms on metaverse. That’s why it’s considered a universe.

Matthew Ball starts listing the characteristics of this universe with its being persistent: “it never “resets” or “pauses” or “ends”, it just continues indefinitely.” And ends with mentioning “an incredibly wide range of contributors.” It means we are creating more than static web pages.

This digital world can serve as a video game, a social space or even a shop. You can host a virtual party, buy or sell things, meet or work, or just get social. It’s up to your target and your creativity. That’s why metaverse marketing is an enormous potential for brands. There are countless possibilities here.

Well, we also need to talk about the technologies to understand metaverse better. AR and VR are commonly used to create this world by offering a rich 3D experience. AR (Artificial Reality) mingles the digital and physical worlds, while VR (Virtual Reality) goes beyond it and creates an entirely virtual environment that can be accessed through special devices. Roblox and Fortnite are the most popular virtual social spaces, especially for the young generation. However, with the increasing popularity of metaverse, the older generations are also getting more and more interested. They offer brands the opportunity to advertise their products in a new way.

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