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Turn Your Video Content Into a Lead-Generation Asset

Although 74% of B2B marketers believe that video converts better than any other type of content, many companies still struggle to harness the potential of video marketing.

In a study, Wistia found that only 22% of B2B brands use video content for lead generation purposes. So, one can assume that the other 78% are not doing it because they either have no idea how or are doing it the wrong way.

Actually, if you want to generate leads using video content, it makes sense to turn your videos into a lead-generating asset before expecting any results, especially if you are in the B2B space.

Think about it, while dancing cat videos can generate results in a B2C context, it won’t cut it if you’re selling products to businesses.

Here are two lead-generating assets you’ll need to leverage to get results:

  • On-site knowledge base.

  • Video course (Can be onsite, offsite, or both).

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