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My Top Prediction for 2022 Digital Marketing Trends!

On Facebook, there are around 200 million small companies, each flailing their digital arms madly in an attempt to attract new customers.

In such an oversaturated platform, it’s more and more challenging to stand out. So why not devote a portion of your marketing budget to a site that 80% of users regard as “an online oasis”?

This leads us to my top prediction for 2022 digital marketing trends: Pinterest Marketing will grow exponentially over the next year!

Pinterest is a search engine and social media network that allows business users to optimize pins for new audiences, traffic, and conversions by using keywords, hashtags, and even schema. In addition, the ‘For You’ and ‘Today’ news feeds use a variety of algorithms.

Despite being underutilized as a digital marketing tool, the GlobalWebIndex (GWI) 2021 Social Media Trends Report statistics show that around 4 out of 10 Pinterest users use the site for purchase inspiration and product discovery, especially following the Covid outbreak.

As a result, product discovery is becoming faster thanks to Pinterest, making this platform suitable for businesses wishing to run Pay Per Click (PPC) ads and boost online sales.

For a specific example of an industry that will largely succeed with Pinterest Marketing in 2022, the survey found that Pinners in the United States are notably interested in culinary inspiration. For example, with one in every five Americans utilizing meal delivery services, Pinterest might be a perfect platform for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) firms, food delivery services, and restaurants to achieve high PPC ROIs with PPC.

Pinterest marketing will benefit e-commerce-driven businesses in these previously listed industries in the long run, especially as the platform continues to add new features that make in-app purchases and selling easier.

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