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Best Digital Marketing Agencies for Luxury Brands in 2022

Digital agencies have a critical importance for luxury brands’ growth in the post-pandemic FMCG oriented world. As a response to the coronavirus pandemic and its effects, many luxury brands are moving toward digital solutions.

With in-store shopping being heavily restricted, luxury brands will have to make their online stores and the shopping experience work seamlessly.

With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can focus on the most effective digital strategies and target every person who is willing and interested in saving up for high-end luxury products. The wealth-profile and buying propensity of a customer today can be different next year. As a result, it is important to stay on top of the changes in the wealth and interest of your luxury consumer.

Digital Agencies with Experience in Luxury Brand Marketing

Digital agencies with deep experience in luxury brand marketing can guide you in the right way. These luxury marketing agencies have impressive case studies where you can explore the methodologies and results they’ve achieved while working with other luxury brands.Take a look at the top digital marketing agencies we’ve shortlisted for luxury brands below:

  • The Charles

  • KOTA

  • Major Tom

  • Pastilla

  • Propeller

  • The Brains

  • CEEK Marketing

  • The Good Marketer

  • AREA 17

  • Elespacio

  • War Room Inc.

  • Mayple

The Charles

The Charles is a full-service agency specializing in strategic campaigns, digital design, marketing, content creation and development. It is a useful and contributing agency for luxury brands to develop in many fields.

The Charles’ talented team has the greatest abilities to tackle design projects ranging from logo design to social media content and enterprise websites. The team has the ability to combine your business of commerce with creativity and intelligence.

The Charles’ excellent result-oriented work strategies will help you grow your luxury brand’s customer base exponentially.


KOTA is a creative web design and branding agency based in London and New York. Its international talented team specializes in many fields such as web design, web development, digital marketing, WordPress, e-Commerce, and more. Its team of experts brings your brands to the digital world in the most effective way.

KOTA’s design and development approach helps your company to have impactful, attractive, creative, and remarkable digital features that help you reach more customers worldwide. KOTA cares about their clients and their work as much as yours.

303 London

303 is a creative-focussed digital marketing agency that helps premium direct to consumer businesses to create and amplify their brand.

303 have been involved in a wide range of exciting projects; from content creation for established luxury brands, to developing paid media strategies for rapidly growing direct to consumer businesses.

Agency’s approach to their work marries creative and digital strategies for the clients, ensuring campaigns engage, entertain and convert.

Major Tom

Major Tom is a luxury brand marketing agency that delivers strong strategic advice, outstanding results, tactical methods, and more. Its talented team’s ability to understand and to move quickly makes you feel that you work with a strong partner.

Major Tom’s productive and creative team can provide many benefits to your business as a luxury brand. You can meet your digital needs such as strategy, development, design, marketing and more with Major Tom.

If you have high standards of creativity and innovation for your luxury brand’s digital strategy, Major Tom will definitely meet your expectations.


Pastilla is a full-service digital agency located in Los Angeles. They are fueled by the everyday to inspire and connect brands to their audiences through instinct and analytics.Pastilla’s focus is on branding, creative, marketing, and technology. They work across multiple sectors and specialty industries, including consumer products, enterprise, entertainment, and civic sectors.

Pastilla has recently worked with Comunity, designer brand of premium shoes, handcrafted locally that give back locally, to the Los Angeles community. For every pair of shoes sold, a donation is given to a local community effort at the point of purchase.


Propeller is the leading digital agency for eCommerce, hotels and luxury brands. Established 20 years ago, Propeller is a talented team of specialists who are on hand to provide strategic support and direction where you need it most.

They provide website design & development, UX digital strategy, eCommerce, SEO & PPC services. At Propeller they deliver exceptional digital experiences.

The Brains

The Brains is an award-winning digital marketing agency in London. They offer a full range of digital marketing services designed to help ambitious companies grow faster online and boost ROI.

Achieve your lead generation & sales goals faster, by partnering with the Brainy team. They won’t tie you into a long contract, or sell you services that aren’t right for your business.

The Brains have helped various luxury brands such as a revolutionary AI exercise bike firm, a high end tea room in London and a luxury sheet retailer to boost their online presence, scale up online orders and sales. Everyone at the The Brains is passionate about business growth and will also provide additional data insights and training whenever needed.

CEEK Marketing

As a prominent luxury brand marketing agency, CEEK’s professional digital marketing team offers the below services for your business:

  • social media marketing

  • influencer marketing

  • search engine optimization

  • web development

  • paid targeting

  • content & creative

The digital delivery of Playts for example, a luxury footwear brand reflecting style, comfort, and durability, reflects CEEK’s demonstrated passion and experience in luxury marketing. Their solution was to create and carefully execute a tone of voice appropriate for the brand while increasing rates of engagement across their digital platforms to support the launch of their limited production first collection.

CEEK streamlined the content creation process and executed distribution across multiple platforms, facilitating a smooth and significant launch, thanks to a deep understanding of the Playts brand, including their approach to business and their products.

The Good Marketer is a digital agency based in London with a great team from different marketing backgrounds. Their data-driven and human-focused team will help your business grow with various marketing strategies. They keep you informed in every step and thereby you can follow every action they take.

The Good Marketer is up to date with the latest marketing data, skills, and technology. Their core services include web development, SEO, Google search, e-marketing, digital strategy, content marketing, digital PR, and more.

You can trust The Good Marketer without hesitation and grow your luxury brand’s customer base with the help of their skilful team.

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